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In the late 1970s when the World and many of us were still young (so much younger than today) Austrias only Nuclear power plant (or nuclear power station, as Lord GLOW-Balls, OVH would say) was built a bit outside the tiny village of Zwentendorf an der Donau and right next to the Danube river. The story of the referendum in November 1978 is well documented and remarkable insofar that the notion to put the power plant into action was rejected by a margin of just 30.000 votes and led to a constitutional ban of nuclear power plants in Ostrichland. Read about it here.

I like this new photoapp

Upon arriving I innocently asked LGB, OVH and DDr. Felch, OVH where they thought the nuclear waste was intended to be stored, the latter replied something like:"Well don't you see MT, look behind you, stupid! All this time, the river flows endlessly into the sea! The answer lies before your very eyes". In full humbleness I understood and - typical for Austrian popular culture - there was a neat little Gasthaus next to the Power Plant which was called the Bärndorferhütte, the OnAfter.  Another nice pack of 30 assembled and then the Chalk talk was given. The Hares explained that there would be a part of the run leading through a prohibited area in the forest where you could be fined so you had better run fast or just stay at the OnIn, right from the start.

Double fun

Young and athletic Family and Hash Hound Just Melios was my companion of the day and he successfully did me a great favor by pulling me along most of the run, for he is quite big, 11 months old, very playful and really fast. PUFF PUFF! Soon after the run start there was a designated nudist swimming area near the Danube river - obviously deserted in November - and then it was already on into the no-go area, which provided a normal running path and some forest. Nothing too special. And then - here comes the audacity! - Hares HRE, OVH and Slush Puppie continued the trail into a second prohibited forest area. Our fast runners Rear Admiral Flying Dutchman, OVH and Primadonna soon encountered a Forest Ranger who, in blunt words, told us to p... off and so everyone turned on their World's Worst Heels and got out of that area.

Reconciliation followed soon with a Schnaps Stop, much welcomed by all and then, in jubilant memory of sadist rundays of long ago (King Ralph! Stormin' Norman! El Nino!) a backwater of the nearby river, just without any water but loads of mud was chosen as a short stretch and I herewith thank Anita Hanjob for letting me have two of her pics to display. 

The short way back to the cars was highlighted by architectonic and culinary landmarks. After tasty cake and circle beer the On After took place at the aforementioned Bärndorfer Hütte. Well done folks!

Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me! 

Strange Brew 

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