Saturday, 3 November 2018

A Health to the Company

Certain traditions are being upheld chez le World's Worst and one such tradition is the gathering of likeminded drinkers at the opening and closing day ceremonies of the Schweizerhaus. The usual suspects, augmented by a surprise appearance of S*x Energy, Dodgy Condom, Lopsided Backside (right there from the beginning and many thanks for all the Halloween gear you brought along!) and MOM all had starting drinks at the Englische Reiter (another great beer place!) opposite the Schweizerhaus (before they open up their place) and punctually at 11 a.m. it was on over to our table.

Along came Nail Me, The Blessed Saint Norman, OVH together with Rowed Runner and even Morehair Richard von F-Kopf carried his Chopsticks onto the beery surroundings. A non Hashing friend Just Robert from the Netherlands, great photographer also stayed with and happily wrote me a few lines about his "heavy head" the next day. 'nuff written, here are a few pics. And the next opening on March 15 in 2019 will be on A Friday.

Another great beer place opposite of the Schweizerhaus 

Lopsided Backside 

Snappy dressing by a Non Harriette 

Very well known 

Nail Me and LB


Also not unknown

The ghost of Fritz Wagner? 

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