Sunday, 16 September 2018

Set your Heart at Rest

Before I start to scribble about this one, here are two pics that relate back to the previous post:

A racehorse jockey?

Hashhound Just Melios is taking a break in Eichgraben

At the hilltop on Bisambergs Senderstrasse there is a spacious carpark, suitable for a much bigger Hashcrowd than there was present on this evening (and I am talking about 35 people already). This very carpark was the site where, in the OLD days of the World's Worst, when we even had a Hashit Trophy to be given out weekly, and that very trophy which was toilet seat, was to be run over by the car of Richard Kopf Morehair (OVH) and all this happened in the presence of Smelly Cheese, another living legend of this Hash.

OUT OF NOWHERE did Smelly Cheese he reappear after too many years of AWOL and, even more remarkable, his son JJ, who was named SACRED COW some 20 years ago, also came out of his hiding, for the very first time since he received his Hash Name. Hares RootCAnal and Free Wily were giving lenghty explanations for what proved to be a very lentghty run. Running down the Senderstrasse again and off into the vineyards, followed by the end of Stammersdorf and continually further away from the carpark meant heat, dust and frustration as there was no sign of a beer- or winestop along the trail. A small drinking fountain was not enough to chase away the unreal memories from Free Willy run classics such as No Sarz on Mars in 2003, when after two hours of running, he declaimed to the pack of 60 "Well, the good news is, that the longer part of the run is behind us, it is only one more hour to go.  The bad news is that I've just got one water bottle for me and all 60 of you!"

A further long loop around the far side of Bisamberg later and it was On In to the carpark again, followed by a nearby On After at a really nice Heurigen. Pics of this run to be seen here.

Father Smelly Cheese...

...and Son Sacred Cow

Who could this be? 

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