Thursday, 6 September 2018


The string of the (Quote Hash Lash) "traditional runs" also includes our (S.Energy and my) run of the local Figurteich in Guntramsdorf (scroll down the Link to see the description), a swimming place I went to for 35 years now. Another scorching hot day gave me the envious task of setting the fastest possible way to the sumptuous Weinfest in Mödling which is yet another annual event. Age and the heat were taking their respective toll and hence it took quite a while for the walkers (most prominently Lord Glo-Balls, OVH) to get to Museumspark in Mödling, venue of the Weinfest to sponsor an already eagerly awaited round of refreshments.

Es wird ein Wein sein, und mir wern nimmer sein! 

The way back to the carpark was featured by CoHare S.Energy watering the sweating runners with our gardenhose when they were passing by our house. Before the circle started near the Figurteich some well-deserved swimming was carried out and the On After - at long last - was moved to a nearby Heurigen, the Hares favourite one I hasten to add.

For pics of this run please look here.

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