Thursday, 6 September 2018

Ain't too proud to beg

This is the year of birthyear runs and other commemorative dates, such as 1966..., er World Cup Win for England etc. But I won't go into that, just a brief mention about the Ostrich soccer team taking a win in Wembley in my birthyear. And the man who scored two goals in that game went on to become a great kicker in the NFL in the 1970s.

Apart from these brief memories, the main aim - as always - was a free swim and a grill evening after the run. Regular Hare Tickpleaser was ably assisted by Hot Property "You know, HO helped me to set this run, of all the runs I've set up here this is the best trail" (Quote-Unquote Tickpleaser). There was no denying in enjoying a scenic run all around the Gießhübl area, starting off from the local vineyards via the nearby stone quarry, on up to the Kuhheide, a long and muddy way downhill through the forest which looped back towards and underneath a motorway bridge (A21) and back all the way to the palace of Tickpleasers. Pics of this run can be viewed here. And we are not too proud to beg to be allowed back next year.

As always, swimming and grilling ensuing.

Gießhübl forest area 

Another world's worst Hash circle

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