Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Action Scope

The starting point had been announced in an obscure street near the completely revamped Vienna Hauptbahnhof area (the old Südbahnhof in a former life) and without technical guidance by another obscure application on my mobile device it would have been tricky for me to find the place. What have YOU done when there was no Internet, no mobile phones, no Hash Blogs ;-), just a piece of paper with an address written on it? Of course you would have used the part of your brain cells left intact by excessive beer consumption.

Anyhow, Hares Ice Queen and Primadonna were out to spoil us with a trail leading from the Schweizergarten (not the Schweizerhaus) right into the vast space Arsenal with its Heeresgeschichtliche Museum and for a while through backroads of the 3rd and even the 10th district.

Repent you sinners! 

At some point there was a richness of motorway bridges coming from and leading into all possible directions. (Kind of a Liliputian version of Los Angeles Freeways). Naturally, the right trail was pointed right in between those roads, some with cars on, some without. "Now would Primadonna have the audacity to lead us onto the nearby Motorway?" Of course he would! Even without cars passing by it was a weird scene with the Monday evening traffic whizzing by on the A23. The explanation was that the Hares have used a motorway ramp that had been built all those years ago but had never been opened for traffic, one of the wonders of life in the Ostrich Capital. For an explanation on all this see here

Nearer my car to thee?

The end is nigh! 

Right at the end of the Motorway ramp the green area started again, showing that best laid architect's plans can lead into a void sometimes. My courage was rising at the prospect that we were getting near the lovely Böhmische Prater and a Beerstop that we've been promised (by reliable people, Prof. DDr. Felch, are you reading this?) After some more running the Böhmische Prater with its great Beer Places came up and, normal for Hashers, within 15 seconds everyone was sitting and after another 15 seconds with a beer in hand. After the beerstop it was on back through the 10th district, passing by the old Ankerbrot factory (with Eurohash memories being discussed again) and at some point the walkers trail ceased to exist as there were no marks anymore. Fair enough, the carpark was only a couple of streetcorners away. 

The Böhmische Prater in full swing 

"Sahnehäubchenschnittchenbrücke", look that on up.

 During a joyful circle in a public park not far from densely populated building blocks a police car drove by, slowly and attentive and DID NOT STOP to ask questions. We seem to be losing our radical edge, or rather we may start looking the way we are, geriatrics on the booze loose. Like I said in the circle, this run gets a five star rating from me. Hash Flash pics can be watched here

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