Thursday, 15 February 2018

Wir wollen unsren Kunden das Gehirnwasser entziehen

This run towards the end of the funny season with the regarded Hares Lopsided Backside and Primadonna had a special of no less than two (2) drink stops, one each on the walkers as well as on the runners trail. Since their was a strange looking bottle comprising blue liquid that looked and tasted like anti-freeze .... 

Sipping cocktails of Blue, Red and Grey

... the title of this post refers to one of the more original songs by the inevitable Mike Krüger, a German singer most popular in the 1970s.

Funnily dressed runners and walkers set off to a course around parts of Viennas 23rd district that comprised a green area called the Draschepark and most prominently the recreational area Wienerberg, an often used trail area in days of yore. A very steep and slippery uphill part was crowned by the aforementioned drinkstop (and some extra drinks that were found on the spot which we left untouched).

Who knows?

The walkers trail drink stop featured a bottle of egg liquor and some trail mishap caused by walking Hare Lopsided Backside (forgot the right direction apparently), she received a rewarding Down Down for this in the circle. The steep and slippery path downhill from the runners drink stop saw one guy touching the muddy floor - guess who? - of course it had to be me, dragged down by our doggie Just Lucky who pushed his leash a little to harsh. YAP! Lots more mud to cover those running shoes on the way alongside the Wienerberg Teich and a very pretty last part along the Liesingbach. The main attraction during the circle was a huge pile of Faschingskrapfen, brought along and distributed to the hungry masses by Cardinal Munk, OVH. Look here for all 68 (not 69!) pics of this run.

Two of the very best 
Alongside the Wienerbergteich 

Would you like a snack?

Relive 'Hash #1939 Feb 11th'

Relive link provided by Primadonna

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