Monday, 5 February 2018

On the outside looking in

Let us start this post from the back end of a remarkable run, with a drink stop that was placed right below the elevated motorway which is the A 23, a much frequented trafficway from the north to the south of Vienna. To get to this strange place underneath, a kind of storage for various sorts of concrete blocks, fly-overs that once were used during roadworks, out of use direction signs, masses of old road lamps one had to continue alongside the motorway guide rail and underneath the actual elevated driving surface. Having arrived at the drink stop we were rewarded with a bottle of tasty Wodka Wyborowa, much welcomed stuff on a chilly day.

You'll know when you get there


Drink Stop! 

Right opposite the drink stop there is the old Biedermeierfriedhof (Cemetery) where there is a Mozart Momument to be found. Has the man actually been buried there? They say that the cemetery area has the richest Lilac growth in all of Vienna in springtime. I will sure be there to find out for myself when the time comes. Before we got near the Drinkstop (and running by the homeground of the local soccer club Rennweger SV) the trail was set all the way through the area of the Arsenal, another very interesting place with its own rich history and a museum that is well worth to be visited. The run started off near the Vienna Biocenter Sankt Marx (I admit that I had to look up the history of this place) and, surrounded by an architectural Mishmash of old municipal housing (Gemeindebauten), brand new looking appartment blocks, a small batch of urban farming, deserted and out of use carparks (from one of these we did start a run many years ago) and the always present motorway.

Biedermeier Friedhof (Sankt Marxer Friedhof)

Agreeable beer at the circle with a short snowshower coming in, OnIn at a nearby Pizzeria. Look here for all the pics of this weird run.

Relive link provided by Lord Glo-Balls, OVH.

Relive 'Hash #1938'

A song by the great Ernst Molden about the Biedermeierfriedhof

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