Sunday, 25 February 2018

Odds and Sods

To my surprise (and to document a gap in run numbers) I realized that TBSN's birthday run on Friday a week ago carried no run number, even though Hash Cash was collected and runners got rin credit. Apparently, you got a stat for run without run number. Sounds to me like the pub with no beer. Or even worse, Ich steh an der Bar und ich habe kein Geld ;-)

Anyhow, birthday party leftovers in form of tasty birthday were transported to the run venue in Baden, at the Hotel Sacher party lot. After the run happy faces were seen all around, maybe with one exception...

A Sainted One who's halfway gone

Of all people eating cake slices I could spot the Cardinal, OVH happily munching away TBSN's cake face. But before all this happened, there was a run hared by Grand Mattress Casting Couch and 2Bob leading right into mud and snow and very long uphill. For those with "normal" running shoes like yours truly, this meant slip sliding nightmare, both uphill and then even worse downhill. To my shame I confess that I took the walkers trail from halfway onwards, shortly accompanied by Root CAnal. What seemed like an eternity in slipping away and cursing was actually only some 5 kilometres long, right in time for the beer and birthday cake festivities to commence.

Talking about which, some may remember the old rubber chicken that was in use many years ago during Hash circles. The poor chicken, righfully named Rudi Carrell memorial chicken got ruthlessly stolen by the Hash Ski Weekers and for at least 10 years gets abused on the Chicken races during those Ski Weeks. To my great joy I can herewith announce that a fitting replacement had been detected and presented at the TBSN birthday run, with the man himself having had the honour of the first Down Down out the from honorable Harald Juhnke memorial Chicken. Moronic brotherly pics from the birthday party run can be seen here.

There's a new chikin in town! 

Down in one go! 

Relive run link provided by Lord Glod-Balls, OVH 

Relive 'Hash #1940'

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