Sunday, 25 February 2018

Cold Chills

Let's not complain about the weather. I am in favor of ongoing heatwaves during the summer months (and a good few blogposts over the last few summers deal with this subject). On the other hand (you have different fingers), there's also nothing wrong with a few days of snowfall and decent cold. Meaning outside temperatures well below zero degrees celsius. Out to the east of Vienna in Fischamend where there are certainly no slippery hills but parts of our very own Nationalpark Donau Auen - it is a lovely and wonderful area, a recommended place to visit - King Ralph, obivously assisted by Likmm, set a run today.

Not a false trail by definition

Even though the World's Worst is becoming a geriatric affair the always stable numbers in attendance (around 25 today) never cease to surprise one. Markings for runners and walkers trails were explained and the first part of the trail led via a few backroads and across the local river - the Fischa of course - to the housing area on the other side of the main road. From there and through a tricky checkback it was on underneath the motorway A4 and into the snowy and icy forest area. Within short, a Hash view across the River Danube came along and then it was on straight for quite a while alongside the nation's main waterway.  When we all arrived at the songstop it was declared that the walkers may want to head back the easy way and the 7 runners (MTG; 2Bob, Casting C, Free Willy, Squat, Joystick and I) should carry on straight until....  after another 2 or 3 kilometres there was a nasty Fishhook, meaning we had to run all the way back we came. Runners don't give in easily and after another motorway underpass it was back into Fischamend. After some more distance to cover it was on back to the carpark with a beer surprise. Frank Appa beers from a Prague/Bratislava weekend in Breclav were brought along and complemented to Gösser quite nice. And okay, I failed to announce that it was MOMs 1000th run. It wasn't. Still 4 more to go.

"This Hash needs an enema!" says Tickpleaser

Pics of the run can be viewed here.

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