Wednesday, 31 January 2018

And we mustn't forget

On the chase for various up and coming 1000 personal runs with the World's Worst . The next to be inducted into the "Order of the Vindobona Hash (OVH)" will be Flying Dutchman and MOM and, with some ground to cover, Ice Queen and yours truly.  The sole Harriette in these ranks, assisted by Just Debbie used the Blue Moon occurrence for a walk (you can't really refer to a distance of less than 2 kilometres as a "run") that started off from the Metrostation Schottenring, was leading all along the Franz Josef Kai and Schwedenplatz (with the occasional short runners loop, three runners out of a folk of 20; Mind the Gap, The Blessed Saint Norman, OVH, and Joystick) to a Drinkstop featuring Schnaps of highly dubious looking consistency.

On across the Marienbrücke (with a Hashview pointing to the Motto am Fluss) and a little further to the Otto Wagner Schützenhaus (yes, I am reading the sights displayed on Google Maps here) with an inventive way home along a platform of the U2 Metrostation Schottenring. MOM, Grandmeister of the Blue Moon Hash, was entrusted to buy the Beer supplies and came along with cans of Landgraf (?), something I have never heard of, let alone tasted before. A nice occasion altogether and fun was had by most, as far as I could see. Naturally, a few visual embellishments to follow.

A part of a typical run blessing ceremony before take off

Hashers pit stop 

Who can spot the typo? Comment and win a prize at one of ze next runs

A most fitting piece of music to round this post up:


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