Sunday, 18 March 2018


I was suspicious about last Sundays location as well as the weather forecast (mild early spring weather) that would make parking near and running within the Schönbrunn Schloßpark challenging. I was then surprised that I actually found a parking space a mere 200 metres away and even more flabbergasted that in the smallish parking lot arriving Hashers constantly seemed able to squeeze their mobiles in between the others, somehow. Hosts of the day were Virgin Hare Just Monika (Walkerstrail) and Hot Property (very experienced).

The Hares, accompanied by the Harald Juhnke Memorial Chicken

Run started into the spacious Schloßpark of Schönbrunn, taking in all the details and accompanied by lots and lots of Viennese who came to enjoy one of the first warm days of the year. (As I am writing this, we are back to snowfall and temperatures below zero degrees Celsius). Coming out of the Schloßpark at the back end of Schönbrunn Zoo, the runners trail continued to an area of posh buildings (mind you, Viennas 13th district is not a cheap place to live). OnOn to the Küniglberg and passing by the main buildings of the ORF coming back to the cars took another couple of running kilometres. Nice and short circle conducted by Cardinal Munk who is the reserve RA amongst other things. And the story continues... 
All pics of this trail can be viewed here.

Chicken trail

Get back to where you once belonged!

Ruki Werch! (means hands up in Russian)


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