Monday, 8 January 2018

Yes, we does

As sure as early January days are the runs at the Tickpleaser residence up on Gießhübl. One of the usual features of these winter runs is snow, ice and Chili Con Carne afterwards. The Chili was to-days special for the On After, snow and ice were absent in favour of a bit of mud (not too much actually).
The title of this post has been pointed out to me by the Cardinal Munk, OVH and refers to this piece of music.

The bare truth and nothing else, as seen on an Hungarian street market 

With the help of CoHares Mind the Gap, No Balls Prize and Squeeze Box Mama (Chili Hare) a picturesque run was successfully squeezed out of that area, showing the inevitable ascents, runners and some walkers parts, no song stop but a further and rather steep climb up the hill to get to the Salzstanglspitz (with an altitude of 535 m). I was starting to doubt the promised beer or should I say Schnaps Stop but have to admit that the reward came in plenty and in form of glorious Bailoni Wachauer Gold-Marillenlikör. YUM! Good stuff for sure. After the circle with second rate beer (apart from two cans of Löwenbräu which I stole immediately), it was on to two pots of first class Chili (meat and veggie alike).

Heading out! 

Run panorama provided by Primadonna. Thanks for that.

Relive 'Afternoon Jan 7th'

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