Saturday, 6 January 2018


We started the Wino Walk in 2002 and over the years we have come around a bit, thereby mainly staying in the area south of Vienna which is the Thermenregion (indeed, once upon a time this used to be a volcanic area). 17 walkers and no kids found their way to Baden and, after eventually picking up Tickpleaser, Casting Couch and Two Bob somewhere along the route ze overall direction was getting to Sooß, neighbouring village to Baden renowned for their good red wines. (At one time during an annual event called "Winzerwandern" there were 35 partaking winemakers just along the main road in Sooß, winedrinkers heaven!).

Wino walkers in 2018 

Two casual hours later we arrived in Sooß and had pleasant lunch at the "Heurigengalerie", nice place with tasty wines. Getting en route back to Baden within the vineyards was leading straight to a second and final watering hole, the Heurigen Zierer (again, great wines!) with a few traitors preferring to dine at a Gasthaus next door. Foggy day and pleasant company, we hope that fun was had by all who came along.

To-days special pointed out by some well known Hasher


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