Sunday, 28 January 2018

Are you my Sunshine?

Thanks to Global Warming we have not had decent winters or rather decent winter weather in Vindobona for years, althoughsometimes I would have loved to bundle up. But there is always a next time. Next year. Or maybe next week. To-days weather way a-greying with a wee bit of sunshine and 13 degrees celsius. Not really normal. What was normal instead was a run set by Mind the Gap and King Ralph that was leading to a few greener parts of that district of Vienna (such as the Aupark Jedlesee). Naturally, getting to the Danube required to cross a walkers bridge across the nearby motorway A22. The Donauinsel, which was put in place to prevent the nations capital from floodings, is 21 kilometres long (and maybe a few hundred metres wide) which makes Hashing - a culture technique if you want that requires a good liver, a bit of stamina and orientation - foreseeable. In that respect that false trails cannot lead too far off as they would finish down at the Waterline on one side or the other of the Island. 

At long last, coming all the way to the Nordbrücke and crossing a walkers bridge again, the back trail led along another oft-used starting point in recent times (the Sinawastingasse in the 21st district) and back to the carpark (and the cold Stiegl Beers.) Visual link to the walkers trail (yes, there also was a runners trail) provided by Lord Glo-Balls, OVH.


Relive 'Hash 1937'

Slush Puppie and Cardinal Munk, OVH have been singing the Hymn of Upper Austria (Oberösterreichische Landeshymne), a song I have never heard before. Okay, fair enough, I come from Lower Austria (Niederösterreich), that might be an excuse.

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