Sunday, 21 January 2018

The Bang

About every other year Deodorant comes up with a run that is much in demand amongst the members of the World's Worst. The area he takes us time and again is the former (in a timespan of 10 years ago) Powderfactory in Blumau-Neurißhof. This was factory was built in the late 19th century and was run by the Imperial Army. Its infamous reputation stems from a major explosion in 1922 that left a vast array of ruins, tunnels and underground shelters of all sorts and forms. Interesting information about the place's history can be found here, here and here (with lots of pics.)

To come back there in the winter (and the freezing wind of course) forms its own sort of excitement and the promise of a Glühwein stop at the Hares place well, maybe motivated some of the pack. Some of the tunnels were pitch dark inside so torches (flashlights) were of the essence. Lots of climbing and then a few halfway decent running sections eventually led back into the land of the living, the following Glühwein stop (which came up a while after the completely ignored song stop) was welcomed by all. The end was near (as it always is) and the carpark came up again. Not too long circle with a Hashy birthday Down Down for Ice Queen.

A genuine Ostrich Sh*thole



Hashy Birthday Ice Queen! 

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