Thursday, 29 December 2016

Strange things happen

To begin with, the title of this post is a song by the great Klark Kent. Furthermore, the time between Christmas and New Years Eve, which a journalist referred to as the annual no mans land (appeals to me) I am using to put more strangeness on this Blog. Will a DNA test solve Habsburg imperial mystery? Maybe if only to show us that our friends from the Prague Hash were always our illegimitate siblings. Will this affect next years beer consumption per capita?

Who let the dogs in?

What is a beautiful mind? How does meditiation fit into this? We spent the better part of to-day with friends and kids and amongst udder things took a walk uphill into the lovely area of the Föhrenberge and to a viewpoint overlooking Mödling called the Augengläser. Do expect a Hashrun coming up there in the next few weeks. That walk led us also by a wellknown, ahem, clothing shop and the sheer beauty of them advertising their rebates struck me instantly.

My friend, you will be given a special price!

Eventually, our local Red Dress Run is coming up after two more sleeps. 2017 will see this Chapters 35th anniversary and the year shall be crowned in early summer by hosting the Eurohash. Stay tuned.

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