Monday, 19 December 2016

I Believe

I believe that this is the right time for our annual Christmas run, yesterday held in Baden bei Wien, lovely old-fashioned city. Starting from the Arthur Schnitzler Park opposite the train station the crowd of more than 30 (counted by me during the circle after several beers and including visitors from London, Baltimore and Bonn) had to find their way along some backroads until it was uphill into the vineyards.

Further on up with lovely views and passing by the Rudolfshof (yes, we once did have a run up there some years ago) until the top of the hill above the Kurpark was reached. After same indecisive back and forth by the fast runners - no real checking out the right trail - it was a long way on down the hill with a gorgeous Hashview point along the way until the local Christmas market came in sight and then we all marched together to get some Glühwein, Heißer Hugo and Kinderpunsch. While joyfully sipping the hot spirits we were in the right spirit for a rousing Hash Version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

                        World's Worst Singing, Eurohash Song Contest here we come!

OnOn afterwards to the nearby carpark, circle and Christmas sparklers. I do believe that our Chistmas runs have a nice tradition, very much so as do the Red Dress Runs on each 31st of December. And I certainly believe in Father Christmas. RIP Greg Lake.

Season's greetings from Vindobona!

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