Monday, 19 December 2016

Carol Singing

Last week on Saturday evening after having heard a Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic in the Musikverein I was unexpectedly invited to a good friends house by another good friend and the theme of the evening was Christmas Carol Singing accompanied by a young lady on the piano, some local Hashers were amongst the merry party. The Christmas tree in their hourse had its trimmings up already (like in our own house a week before Christmas Eve so we can enjoy it longer).

Outlooks and insights

It was a beautiful evening with truly generous hosts and a very warm feeling. Amongst all the English, American and Ostrich Christmas Carols and Songs I was surprised that no Welsh, American, Canadian, Swedish and Ostrich Singer had ever heard of the Boar's Head Carol, to be found on the Chieftains Christmas Album Bells of Dublin.

I like this song very much and am including it here on the Hashblog.

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