Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Keep coming back

One of the bare necessities for the average Vindobona Hasher is the opening of the Monday evening run season at the venue for run #1 in Vienna (THE first ever Hash run here in 1982) up at the Grüß di A Gott Wirt all the way up between Cobenzl and Kahlenberg.

On the following day after the revered Freistadt weekend our local Hash tradition (invented somewhat 13 or 14 years ago) has it that Cardinal Munk, OVH and yours truly are setting that run up where the highest elevation point of Vienna is located. And add to this that it is really a very nice area.

Since Cardinal Munk, OVH had several medical issues but made it up to the Gasthaus nonetheless (no wimping out here!) it was left to yours truly to set the run and carry on up the bubbly Stuff known as Sekt and cups to the top pf the hill. Tradition has it that the the hill needs to be conquered either from the right or the left hand side. My CoHare had to be carried up near the hilltop by car (!) with little help from our always supergenerous host Stephan (owner of the Gasthaus OnIn).

The stage was all set and the Sekt was hidden somwhere nearby (as in every year)

The Songstop and Sektstop also has been featuring the same song for years now, naturally invented by the World's Worst and copied here in a public performance by a potential rising star, ahem ;-)

Be it one way or the other way around the Hermannskogel, the way from a certain point during the run is simply spectacular, look for yourselves:

Welcome to Vienna and to Eurohash 2017 (click to enlarge)

 While I was setting that run on coming down the hill a definite snowshower occured with lots of windgusts, after all it was stil only the end of April so not unsual.

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