Saturday, 3 December 2016

First comes the beer

Well, in total synchronicity let it be never too late to write about beer. And women. And most naturally the deeper reason why this very weekend in April took place in Freistadt, celebrating the 500th anniversary which was of course the 500th anniversary of the German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot). As I sprained my ankle on a run in the Lobau a couple of weeks ago the most I was capable of was walking.

Walking from the U4 Terminal Station in Hütteldorf to where the Hashbus was waiting already, perfectly being organ-sized by Cherry Licker and her Commitee Helpers. I think I came along with at least four cold cans of Stiegl Beer, only to find out joyfully that there was cold Freistadt Beer on sale before and during the buzz ride.
In the bus with Hashers we (the serious drinkers I should say) occupied the feast table at the back end and trawling through some old pics I remember Lopsided Backside providing wonderful Jell-O Shots, RootCAnal provided a few bottles of Sekt, lots of beer cans and bottles were passed around and by the time the bus arrived in Freistadt at least the attendees of the party table were in quite festive mood already.

"No more Jell-O Shots ?!? What's that supposed to mean?"

The evening entertainment consisted of a guided tour of the Brewery (intense aroma inside!) and a nice dinner later on.

The Main run on Saturday, being split into a long run and an also not-too-short walk (I was on the walkers group) was leading by the local Teufelsfelsen and along through lovely surroundings where there once was a horse-railway running from Linz to Budweis (do you begin to see that great overall context?) ; Budweiser Beer at the Schweizerhaus, hint hint! 
At very long last there was a much welcomed drink stop hosted by Little Richard in the remarkable village of Vierzehn which is located on a road leading from Linz to Prague directly.  
The second part of the run and walk ended up at that Vierkanthof which was a great sort of Gasthaus. Delicious food and copious amounts of beer, looong food and beer break ensuing. The last past of Saturdays run/walk was a stroll back to Freistadt. Evening party and muzak until the wee hours.


Sundays hangover walk through Freistadt was pleasant, one had to mind the occasional crocodile and the way and in the end there was a BIG snowshower coming down during the circle. Mind you, it was only the end of April that I am writing about here. Lovely weekend, thanks to everybody..
See you later, alligator!

Here's a health to a couple of the organizers

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