Sunday, 1 January 2017

Prosit Neujahr

I sure liked todays New Years Day Concert by the Wiener Philharmoniker, traditionally watching from home with a glass of sparkling wine in my hand. Having said that, many Ostriches are fond of skiing. I do not belong to them. Music is certainly more up my sleeve. For a very long time now I have been fortunate enough to be able to watch and listen to the Wiener Philharmoniker with subscriptions that include 10 concerts annually, standing room for a single ticket price that equals a pint of Guinness in nearby Flanagans Irish Pub. Standing room ticket means standing for up to two hours in a crowded surrounding. But, I am talking about sometimes exceptional performances.  Classical music is not really your cup of tea I hear you say? The very first piece I heard live way back in 2003 featured electric bass and congas. It all comes together. There should be no clichés. Either it sounds good or it sounds bad to your ears, no matter what the labelling says.

Can we pull this off?

But that is not the main topic of this post. Again, while awaiting the official Moronic (they have duly arrived now) pics from yesterdays Red Dress run (?) with some 20 partakers amongst the 4500 official runners at the LCC Silversterlauf the old Hash routine of "cling yourself to the climbing rope and pretend to run even if you can't" applied again, with the same embarrasing result as during the last 5 or 6 years. Meaning that an unfortunate few that included yours truly, Barefoot (lots of sarcastic wit during the run) and Primadonna tried to pull the rope with the pack as hard as we could in the forward direction with Richard Kopf (and a few more) being the main culprit who put in all his weight as Religious Advisor to pull against us. This must have looked quite funny for bystanders as we were a) outpaced by stout-looking females with their walking sticks and b) we had to try VERY HARD to overtake baby prams with their parents in comfortable walking pace. And all this accompanied by constant RA requests like "NOT SO FAST" HOLD IT", would we have done so the red caravan would have come to a standstill. Ice Queen, Slush Puppie and The Blessed Saint Norman, OVH jumped ship and ran off on their own. My strong plea herewith is to devise a new system for the next Red Dress Run!


Things got much brighter eventually when we lost Richard Kopf/he lost the grip to the rope nearby Urania and we were free to entertain a light jogging speed towards the finish line. Circle outside Flanagans with tasty Bloody Marys courtesy of Cardinal Munk, OVH and OnIn inside at the Post Office. Visitors from Ireland and Newbies Just Flora and Just Florian from Vienna. Warm feeling as ever.

But, even hogs have their bad days, and, a fellow living in Tyrol invented a system to produce artificial snow coming out of your garden hose. And lastly, does Alcohol kill our brain cells?

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