Sunday 30 August 2020

Do Drop In

 Some three and a half weeks ago, A.N.A.L and Mr. Pink set a Full Moon run in Viennas 12th district called Meidling, This is a rather densely populated area with quite a few fine Gasthauses in the area. There is a also a market area, the Meidlinger Markt (a first for me as a visitor). 

The run started from one corner of that Market, with runners- and walkerstrails on offer. On a rainy and  nippy evening it was off down the Meidlinger Hauptstrasse, shortly along the Wienzeile and then in what seemed a tour through most inner courtyards of the local Gemeindebauten to one public park - Drinkstop - where the Hares prepared a BEER QUIZ!.  

The pack was separated into groups of five, unlabelled beer bottles were presented and then it was left to see who really had some good taste on that evening, determining the correct brands that were on offer. I think it was the neighbouring group with Just In Beaver and others who got everything correct and won that fine guiz. 

Afterwards it was a bit further on, again along a different part of the Meidlinger Hauptstrasse until the endpoint of the run was reached, an empty carpark of a Supermarket. To prevent everyone from getting cold and wet, the Hares offered their Garage as an impromptu Circle location. Afterwards, a very fine On After at the Meidlinger Markt with Augustiner Beer on Tap. Me likey very much! 

Here are the official Moron Pics



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