Monday 14 September 2020

Any old time

 Middle August Monday, right up there on top the Senderstrasse in lovely Stammersdorf, say NO MORE! A truly lovely area that has been graced with runs for many years was used once more by Kuty Pi and Root CAnal. Due to heavy traffic on the Südosttangente I was late and tried to catch up with pack, welll, at least I caught up with the walkers after some 30 minutes. Again marvellous panorama and the reason I am not coming more often to this are with lots of Heurigens is simply that we, on the other side of town in the south of Vienna, also have lots of Heurigen places. And, drinking and driving is a no no. Have a look at the pics took during the run. Funny circle with a visit from former Vindobona Hashers Chucker F*cker and Third World Kiddie Fiddler. 

If you ever happen to be in this are as a Non-Hasher, try the Stammersdorfer Senderstrasse. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. 

Walrus' New Shoes were baptised 

Here are the official Moron pics

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