Monday 14 September 2020

The Narrow Way

 On to another classic, one of the traditional runs, always set by one or several Morons around the end of August to feast My Pint of Views birthday that occurs during this time and have a glimpse of extended forests around the edge of Vienna. Again, a bit of a long drive coming from elsewhere but absolutely worth the effort. Many years ago, before most of you were born (in the late 1990s) a Vienna Hasher was up to set a run at the Exelberg carpark, which is not too far from the Hares fake mountain hut. That past Hare, his name shall remain unmentioned, simply didn't turn up (and a crowd of 30+ was waiting). Somebody, I forgot who it was, had a few bags of flour in his car and Cardinal Munk pulled me away to volunteer me me to be his Live run Cohare, a task we excelled at back then. Nowadays, no chance. This was one of the first times I got to know and appreciate this area. 

Joyride, Joystick and MPOV were the Hares and, taking in plenty of forest paths, thick undergrowth and the occasional up- and downhill crawl, we arrive exactly one hour later back at the carpark. Since Moehair Richard Kopf, OVH, was biding his time in the forest I took the liberty to conduct the circle for a while. Richard Kopf as the RA carried the second half of the circle on into the beginning darkness. A feature by all means was a rare reappearance of the Famous Pimpsqueak!After the circle, B-B-Q chez Joystick, newish inhabitant of that fake mountain village together with Joyride. 

Find the one who is not a Moron Brother 

A pointed finger, a beer and Daisy Balls

Look here for the Moron pics. 

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