Monday, 8 January 2018

Yes, we does

As sure as early January days are the runs at the Tickpleaser residence up on Gießhübl. One of the usual features of these winter runs is snow, ice and Chili Con Carne afterwards. The Chili was to-days special for the On After, snow and ice were absent in favour of a bit of mud (not too much actually).
The title of this post has been pointed out to me by the Cardinal Munk, OVH and refers to this piece of music.

The bare truth and nothing else, as seen on an Hungarian street market 

With the help of CoHares Mind the Gap, No Balls Prize and Squeeze Box Mama (Chili Hare) a picturesque run was successfully squeezed out of that area, showing the inevitable ascents, runners and some walkers parts, no song stop but a further and rather steep climb up the hill to get to the Salzstanglspitz (with an altitude of 535 m). I was starting to doubt the promised beer or should I say Schnaps Stop but have to admit that the reward came in plenty and in form of glorious Bailoni Wachauer Gold-Marillenlikör. YUM! Good stuff for sure. After the circle with second rate beer (apart from two cans of Löwenbräu which I stole immediately), it was on to two pots of first class Chili (meat and veggie alike).

Heading out! 

Run panorama provided by Primadonna. Thanks for that.

Relive 'Afternoon Jan 7th'

Up, Up and away

AGM Day (Annual Grand Meeting or AGPU - Annual Grand Piss up - that's how we referred to it in the golden days (?) of the Paris Hash. Also some sort of a Farewell for the Grand Meister Multiple Entry, who like a false Canadian Dollar kept coming back and forth from different angles of the globe to Vindobona, eventually to take over the esteemed leadership of the World's Worst three years ago. And the guy who institutionalised the TGIF and S.H.I.T. events here.  On his final run he was up to set a traditional AGM day run starting off from our very own Hash House, the Gösser Bierinsel in the Prater. The whole Prater forest, a vast green area near the city centre is an ideal place for running and drinking (remember that the Schweizerhaus is just a few kilometres away from the Hash House in the Wurstelprater).

AGM days runs are also a rare occasion to see Mohair Richard Kopf, OVH actually set a run. Well, he is the regular master of ceremonies in the World'S Worst circle after the runs, so there is no real complaint here. As mostly, I am proud to present a few selected pics from the Moron Brothers Inc. (for incompetent) photosite.

Would you entrust your beers to these Gents?

As always, our friends from the Gösser Bierinsel did reserve the main room for us.


Important results of the AGM were the election of Casting Couch as Grand Mattress (congrats!), the resignation and departure of Multiple Entry (thanks for all your work Chief!) and the change of the Sunday run starting time from two thirty PM to two PM (that makes sense in the winter). As usual, accompaniment by copious quantities of Gösser Beer.


Saturday, 6 January 2018


We started the Wino Walk in 2002 and over the years we have come around a bit, thereby mainly staying in the area south of Vienna which is the Thermenregion (indeed, once upon a time this used to be a volcanic area). 17 walkers and no kids found their way to Baden and, after eventually picking up Tickpleaser, Casting Couch and Two Bob somewhere along the route ze overall direction was getting to Sooß, neighbouring village to Baden renowned for their good red wines. (At one time during an annual event called "Winzerwandern" there were 35 partaking winemakers just along the main road in Sooß, winedrinkers heaven!).

Wino walkers in 2018 

Two casual hours later we arrived in Sooß and had pleasant lunch at the "Heurigengalerie", nice place with tasty wines. Getting en route back to Baden within the vineyards was leading straight to a second and final watering hole, the Heurigen Zierer (again, great wines!) with a few traitors preferring to dine at a Gasthaus next door. Foggy day and pleasant company, we hope that fun was had by all who came along.

To-days special pointed out by some well known Hasher


Thursday, 4 January 2018

Figure of Eight and Red Dress Run Pics

The new year arrived with lots of historic dates to commemorate. There were reports about an interesting book presentation in that respect. In November there will be the 100th anniversary of the Ostrich republic to celebrate, before that, there are a few other historic years to remember, all ending with the figure of eight. Interesting parallel that the Mother Hash had been founded in 1938 as well (Diamond Jubilee is coming up later this year).

Coming back in brief to the Red Dress Run, pics have been published by My Pint (and you can see all 136 of them here). The usual year after year pic looks as being proudly presented here:

Red Dress run 2017

Nothing beats hard work
So, lace up and get to it
Your future awaits
(Hash Haiku, found on the Internet)

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Around and Around

Around the Ringstrasse in Vienna that is, dear Readers. Year after year the closing of the Vindobona Hash year is symbolized by and celebrated with partaking at the Silvesterlauf from a local serious running club. The trail leads around the wonderful Wiener Ringstrasse on a length of 5,3 kilometres and, after a few pull back and forth on the climbing rope years (which was and is always reliably provided by Mind the Gap), Cardinal Munk (OVH) cameth forth with declaring that "runners should take off from the Staatsoper building onwards". In reality that meant that those who wanted to run in half decency (JustIn Beaver, Kuty PI, Shake Rattle and Roll, yours truly, The Famous Pimpsqueak, Ice Queen and Slush Puppie) took off and enjoyed some running freedom that was unbeknownst from preceding years. When the self-declared runners crossed the finish line at least TFP and myself went back to help to "Nordic walkers"(Quote Richard Kopf (OVH) out by successfully pulling everyone onto the finish line and win a medal, yet again without paying the official LCC run fee of 25 Euros.

Circle was held outside Flanagans Irish Pub, garnished with Tasty Bloody Maries provided by the Cardinal and No Balls Prize. Festivities continued for hours inside the pub with a few late comers such as Victorias Secret, Rowed Runner and Deo. Lovely Guinness Beer and Fish and Chips rounded up the day, Moronic Pics to follow when they have been put up on the Photosite.

A very happy and healthy and Hashy New Year to all of you. May the beer be with you.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

There is a Dog

At the end of the Hashing one is tempted to look back (well, maybe some of you) and remember the funny and beer-filled times that running with the World's worst can bring. Do come back for more and help me rally for an increase of the Hash Fee ;-)

At the end of a dogs life it is time to reflect about all the joy that Hash Hounds can bring to this geriatric group. A special and loving mention goes out to the late Circle Jerk who passed away a few weeks ago and for years was an integral part of our Hash group. In the glorious year of 2007 on the occasion of our 25th anniversary with the Vienna Pipers blowing away the carpark of the Grüß-Di-A Gott Wirt  it was the heroic deed of the Blessed Saint Norman (OVH) who set out in the dark forest to look for Circle Jerk who'd gone astray/ran off in fear of the sort of fireworks and brought the dog back in the pitch darkness. God knows how the two had found each other. Another special and loving mention goes out to a couple of other great former Hash Hounds, namely the late Price Pisser and the late YAP YAP Otto von Pissmarck.   Not to forget those who still run with us, namely Just Villja, Just Billy, Just Lucky and Just Fintan (poor unnamed dogs). Dogs are great companions and yes, they do drink beer.

The late Circle Jerk

Another pic of the late Circle Jerk

Here is a repost of a dog-related anthem.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Eurohash Run day, report of run # 8 (and a wee bit of # 7)

This miniseries of run reports brings me to the one (acually two) which Casting Couch, Two Bob, Slush Puppie, Cardinal Munk (OVH), yours truly and some nice guy from Munich (of course he was a scot but I could be wrong) did reccie in our own backyard that is the Thermenregion, here consisting of the in betweens of Pfaffstätten, Gumpoldskirchen and Mödling. And that modest elevation which we refer to as our "Hausberg" of 640 metres altitude, the Anninger.

The carried out plan saw an 11 k run # 7 (I loved the motto that was pinned on the bus windscreen "Easy Does It", which is a wonderful song by Supertramp and a slightly longer trail leading up to the top of the Anninger and then back downhill to the spacious carpark of the Richardshof restaurant where the beer buses were waiting. Needless to say that this was another very hot day and I liked the fact that the three buses that were alloted to our runs parked in three different and nearby parking lots.

After short prerun explanations it was on off into the vineyards and futher on to some not so sunbaked running terrain that offered some spectacular views, lots of pics were taken and after a bit more than an hour it was beer stop time with cooled Ottakringer and plenty of softies and snacks. Word arrived that a Harriette had twisted her ankle (she actually broke it) so S.Energy, who came by to visit and myself went back to were we assumed where Cardinal Munk (OVH ) who acted as the run sweeper, the former Danish Harriette who ran with the Worlds Worst (and of course I can't recall her name) and poor Fruit Manager. Limping along slowly and very delicate we eventually arrived at the upper end of Gumpoldsirchen so an ambulance could be called and two brave ambulancemen arrived with an enormous wheelchair (look up a post from July called "Eurohash revisited" to see a pic). When poor Fruit Manager was wheeled downhill to the parked ambulance (the hill was way too steep for them to drive up) she could be taken to Baden hospital. S. Energy drove down to help her out with translation, waited since the plaster on her foot was ready and took her home to our place where King Ralph, on his way back from the Semmering runs, picked her up and took her back to her hotel in Vienna. Thank you S. Energy who was not even a runner but just a beer stop visitor.

The rest of the runs? Well, all 150 or so Hashers seemed to have arrived at the meadow near the carpark at Goldene Stiege in Möding, a massive thunderstorm came and went, Lord Glo Balls (OVH) rescued the rescuers after the ambulance intermezzo from a carpark in Gumpoldskirchen and seeing those three massive buses n a relatively small carpark was quite a sight.

When the circle ended also my share of Eurohash ended. I heard stories about more partying on Saturday night, a hangover walk on Sunday and again I was and still am amazed that we as the Vindobona Hash managed to see all this through. Thank you to each and all, the organsizers and above all the visitors.