Tuesday, 28 January 2020


And it was back to the old Powderfactory near Blumau in the south of Vienna where many a run had been set by Deodorant in former years. The History of this place has been linked to former run reports on this blog, here is one example (and here is another one) and I am leaving the other sources to this place's unfortunate history to your detection.

In the beginning 

As usual, prerun explanations were given that this is a restricted area on most days of the year and yet the World's Worst always seems to find a loophole to look around this very strange place. Running and crawling between ruins, up and down ascents and descents that are a threat to ones ankles and stumbling trough pitch-dark and dusty tunnels all form ingredients of a traditional run that always leads to a pleasant interruption in form of a drink stop, this time it was Glühwein in the Hare's garden.

Going in and out the usual huge number of ruins, all ended well with the carpark coming up again after the better part of an hour. Newboot Just Eamonn from a very interesting drinking place (Irish Bar) in Vienna got formally introduced to the fold after having made his debut at the Red Dress run on New Years Eve. 

Here are the Moron Pics for this run. 

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