Thursday, 9 January 2020

Of Lads and Lasses

Another so-called local tradition is the annual Epiphany walk which started a long time ago in 2002. We felt like hiking up into the hills walking off from Gumpoldskirchen train station. By means of explanation: Hashers at the Worlds Worst do not just like frolicking, running, drinking, be merry and all that. There are also quite a few serious and not-so-extreme walkers around, and 20 of these waited for us when we - S.Energy and I - arrived at the given time with 2 kids and 2 dogs.

Long time no see Scarlett Pimpernell was there, the Final Kuntdown and the Red Aunt made a rare appearance and on a very sunny day it was on off uphill into the woods. with fond Memories of two Eurohash runs that have been set in this area in 2017. A comfortable 100 minutes later the first watering hole was reached, which was the wonderful Proksch Hütte with fine beer (Murauer) and tasty Pea Soup with sausage, thats what I had. A nice place to go to and a recommendation if you happen to be in that area one day.

Afterwards, it was downhill in the slippery mud. Two slip-slidings down into the mud by yours truly later Mr. Pink, A.N.A.L. and daughter came our way and in jolly fashion we all went to a glorious Heurigen in Gumpoldskirchen to finish off this walking tour in a suitable way.

Epiphany Wino Walkers 

Happy Hashers at a Heurigen

By the way, we haven't had runs starting from the Krapfenwaldlbad in a long time, nein?

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