Friday, 31 January 2020

Fairest Isle

A local Vindobona Hash run on the day of Brexit has finished and the uniting spirit of the Hash House Harriers brings the partakers together for many a drink tonight. In spite of all the craziness that these last three and a half years have produced regarding the B word, here is my musical tribute to Great Britain. The Hash House Harriers got started by an Englishman as we all know. I do hope to see the day when Great Britain (or England - and of course Scotland) will rejoin the European project.

Here is an a account on what happened during and after that run, provided by Lord Glo-Balls, OVH:

"After an excellent run set by King Ralph (with 16 Hashers), supported by yours truly in bringing the beer, we retired to the Centimeter VII pub with a private room in the cellar. After consuming a 11 litre barrel of specially brewed beer and eating some good food (spare ribs etc), we had a quiz on UK and EU dates and other matters. After a begging letter from King Ralph, the European Commission had sent us a Surprise package including T-shirts and baseball caps  which were used as prizes for the quiz.  At midnight, we had a coffin draped in EU and UK flag, followed by the ceremonial removal of the UK flag. Finally we sang Auld Lang Syne holding hands with arms crossed (just like the MEPs in the EU Parliament). I have attached the words of the song. This poem was written by Robert Burns (famous Scottish writer) and is traditionally sung at midnight on New Years eve, to celebrate old friendship, like between the UK and the EU."

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