Thursday, 9 January 2020

Add a little peace of mind

The annual Silvesterlauf once around the Ringstrasse in Viennas centre with its usual intricacies is a fitting end point for every Hashing year of the Worlds Worst. Since the official start of this run, organ-sized by another serious local runnning group has been moved one and a half kilometres away from our usual gathering point outside the Cafe Schwarzenberg, it was decided to meet there anyway and start to run before the official starting time at 11 a.m. Two climbing ropes to hold onto were provided for the runners and the walkers alike. Being carried by the female Powerhouses Daisy Balls and Kuty Pi the running team raced of at a quarter to eleven, only having to stop again near the official start a bit further on. This in turn gave the walking group a chance to catch up and start all together.

The usual big crowd at the official starting line delayed our start by several minutes, and then it was crossing through the masses with the climbing rope, a bit like a serpent. I sadly have to admit that I couldn't keep the pace and had to let the rope runners go. Or run rather. More exercise with the same amount of libation shall be the motto for this year. After the run, another fine circle outside of Flanagans Pub. Newbie Eamon, who runs the Green Room Irish Bar opposite the Metropol music theatre was the Newbie of the day. After the circle, usual routine inside the post office, to the left of the beer counter.

A few stalwarts carried on running to the official finish line to get their official medals (The Famous Pimpsqueak being one of them). All in all, a fine Hashing year came to its conclusion. Thanks.

Here are the official Moron Pics.

Prince of Barkness inflated 

German stars

A Happy Hasher in a well known place 


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