Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Steps Ahead

The Goldene Stiege in Mödling, the beginning of a vast hiking area (The Naturpark Föhrenberge) with lots of forest and hills (the highest local elevation point, the Anninger, goes up 675 metres. Two years ago during the Eurohash extravaganza in Vindobona we had a circle next to this carpark with some 150 Hashers, of course embellished by a tremendous thunderstorm ;-) I still wonder how the two huge buses could have possibly gone up that rather narrow street that leads to the carpark.


When we (S.E. and I) arrived it was a little dribbling down and some wannabes even had their umbrellas up and working. Another astounding group of 30 or more (including visitor Vienna Sausage from the Subic Bay Hash in the Philippines) started the run in well known territory, ending up on the main forest road which leads up to the Anninger Schutzhaus much further on. The nearing of a thunderstorm which did not really set in by full but made its presence with nice sounding thunder, some distant lightning and the occasional raindrop made its impression and at least one Harriette who turned round in the middle of the trail and went back to the carpark.

I rest my case! 

After some light jogging on the main forest road it was on into the forest, up and down and eventually up alongside a nearby hill with neat outlooks. More thunder, lightning and scattered raindrops accompanied us back to the carpark where the rain had ceased, so a decent circle could be had by all. Tasty On After in the adjacent Waldgasthaus Bockerl

Hares Casting Couch and TwoBob

Moron pics to be seen here

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