Saturday, 18 July 2020

Yet again

Coming to run Number three that was set by the same Hare (Casting Couch) in the course of 8 days (this time assisted by TwoBob), the starting point was at the Traiskirchen Tennis centre , venue of a Wildsau Lauf that many Hashers took part in year ago.

This pic was taken elsewhere

During Lockdown the Hares went out for some extended walks and runs and found same charming and pleasant corners in the villages of Möllersdorf and Traiskirchen. Deodorant, who will soon leave the fold for warmer (?) surroundings in Carinthia made his return, together with Just Daniel, Sleeping Partner and Knödel mit Ei, who now goes by the name of Tungsten Balls. Agreeable temperatures, a good crowd and cold beer made the excursion worthwhile with Wooden paths, fields and waterways.
Again there were walkers and runner trails possibilities on offer. 
One circle later the OnIn - again - consituted of an excellent local Heurigen.  (Glorious Brettljause!)

Easy does it!  (Well done Daisy Balls)

Here are the official Moron pics! 

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