Saturday, 18 July 2020

Talking to the Moon

Run number two in the Casting Couch Haring Week (this time assisted by S.Energy) was a Full Moon run in Brunn am Gebirge, a place where I cannot not remember that we had any Hash runs before.  In this strange year of  Health issues, stable beer prices and uncertain weather at least Hash runs are a certainty, at least for the time being.

Starting from the local train, then running through a residential area that was followed by a circle choice between walkers and runners trail (runners trail for me this time), we had the green paths and fields of Maria Enzersdorf (neighbouring village), ran through the cloister gardens of St. Gabriel (I had no clue that this was permitted, but without dogs -> all this area forms part of our extended neighbourhood) and using a few more twist and turns, using a short forest path running back to the run start. R and A of the Full Moon Hash (the two OVH's) led the circle and the On After was a most pleasant wine place nearby. A recommendation!

Evil woman

The man, the vehicle


Full Moon Moron pics can be seen here! 


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