Sunday, 23 December 2018

Yule Struttin'

Sticking true to the festive season we the Hares are driven to return repeatedly to the lovely area of the Thermenregion, just south of Vienna with gentle hills, lots of vineyards and there even was some snow available before it punctually start to melt away the next day.

We believe in Father Christmas

Co-Hare S. Energy couldn't join the setting of the run, daughter Fallen Angel had an important school exam coming up and it was busy study time. Both joined the run in the afternoon though. On the Spot Co-Hares Casting Couch and 2Bob were there to help. The feature of this run, besides snow and ice, was a Glühwein stop at the Restaurant Thallern, not really far from where the run started. A small walkers and a bigger runners group exercised their way along the Eichkogel until all were happily reunited for the dwink stop.

On Down 

Glüh-Winos on tour

After the circle Hash supper was had at a nearby tasty Greek place.  Offical Hash pics can be seen here.

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