Monday, 31 December 2018

Till the end of time

Well, it is two hours before midnight on December 31st, it has been a beery day with some running, lots of drinking and a very tasty dinner. Wife and daughter are out on the Sparkling Wine Trail (Remember Don Ho?) in the neighbourhood so time is certainly on my side, allowing me to squeeze in a last post in 2018. (Assisted by Beer and Buddha in no particulcar order).

OM Shanti!

The Silvesterlauf of the LCC has always served as an alibi to the Worlds Worst Hash to gatecrash (i.e. pay no official runners fee, rather donate to Charity) and run, as always, once around Viennas Ringstrasse (5,2 km). The starting point has been moved to nearby the University, causing a somewhat funny internal Worlds Worst discussion about whats and ifs and whereabouts. In the end - of course! - we stayed put and walked a little while to the starting point, gathering together near the Cafe Landtmann, which is another tourist attraction in the city centre, as far as I am concerned.

The end of the year is nigh! 


The old custom of staying together as a group and hanging onto the (red) climbing rope, as always provided by Prof. Dr.Dr. Felch, OVH, got out of fashion as the overall running speed reached a near standstill in previous years. There still was a walkers group setting out bravely hanging onto that rope, the halfway and halfminded more serious runners took off themselves, trying to keep eye-contact in that offiical runners crowd of a several thousand. Near the finish line yours truly was helped by the sisters Casting Couch, Kuty Pi and offspring Shake, Rattle and Roll to finish the run in style and successfully scrounge a Finishers medal.

Back outside Flanagans Irish Pub the circle started in no time, and with the help of a few tastefully mixed Bloody Marys by Cardinal Munk, OVH it was straight on in to where we have feasted the annual final run for the last 20 years. As always, many well known faces showed up to strentghen numbers well over 30. Happy New Year everybody, stay safe and healthy, drink good beer and get some exercise in. 

What will your mantra be for 2019?


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