Sunday, 23 December 2018

If the doggies get the turkey

This is my personal wish for you all to have a wonderful Christmas, a Happy New Year with many Hash runs, copious amounts of cold beer, lots of fun, compassion and, overall, lots of love. You know that love is the message and the message is L. O. V. E. 

Marie Tamponette

And here are some more seasonal pics:

Is this funny or what?

He's the happiest Christmas tree! (ho-ho-ho!, hee-hee-hee!)

A Harriette in disguise?

What the heck?

Roll out the barrels! 

It's like having money in the bank

Yin and Yang

It's a dogs life
Peace in the neighbourhood

Holy Roamin' Empress, OVH, and Slush Puppie must have been here before

And at last, this is my personal favourite Christmas Song. I am sure you have yours as well. I have posted this last year and will do so next year again. The great Klark Kent, before he lowered himself to join the Police. ;-)

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