Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Eurohash Run day, report of run # 2

Still continuing further on, here is a short and concise report of run # 2, done by the Blessed Saint Norman (OVH):

Our bus started promptly but there was a bridge which was too low for our double decker. So we had to start from a different point and hares had to rush off to set a new trail start. Their new trail involved going downhill on your backside . The walkers I took using a combination of preset trails so they were ok.
At the beerstop waited ages for runners and eventually carried on to the brewery. We were allowed 3 beers but some hashers could not count. Anyway great beer. Now it hammered with rain. The first batch of hashers had already left the brewery and were stranded in the bus.
Anyway eventually stopped raining so we left   the brewery for lunch. I found out that we had no wine on board so got some at the pizzeria. Then found out the spareribs overslept and arrived by taxi. So we ran out of food also and again got something at the pizzeria . Oral s? got lost coming along a straight road from the pizzeria so we had to search for her.
Now getting very late so we couldn't have the circle at the planned place and went back to the venue for the circle,
Quite an adventure but all were happy ... PROBABLY THE BEER!
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