Saturday, 30 December 2017

There is a Dog

At the end of the Hashing one is tempted to look back (well, maybe some of you) and remember the funny and beer-filled times that running with the World's worst can bring. Do come back for more and help me rally for an increase of the Hash Fee ;-)

At the end of a dogs life it is time to reflect about all the joy that Hash Hounds can bring to this geriatric group. A special and loving mention goes out to the late Circle Jerk who passed away a few weeks ago and for years was an integral part of our Hash group. In the glorious year of 2007 on the occasion of our 25th anniversary with the Vienna Pipers blowing away the carpark of the Grüß-Di-A Gott Wirt  it was the heroic deed of the Blessed Saint Norman (OVH) who set out in the dark forest to look for Circle Jerk who'd gone astray/ran off in fear of the sort of fireworks and brought the dog back in the pitch darkness. God knows how the two had found each other. Another special and loving mention goes out to a couple of other great former Hash Hounds, namely the late Price Pisser and the late YAP YAP Otto von Pissmarck.   Not to forget those who still run with us, namely Just Villja, Just Billy, Just Lucky and Just Fintan (poor unnamed dogs). Dogs are great companions and yes, they do drink beer.

The late Circle Jerk

Another pic of the late Circle Jerk

Here is a repost of a dog-related anthem.

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