Sunday, 31 December 2017

Around and Around

Around the Ringstrasse in Vienna that is, dear Readers. Year after year the closing of the Vindobona Hash year is symbolized by and celebrated with partaking at the Silvesterlauf from a local serious running club. The trail leads around the wonderful Wiener Ringstrasse on a length of 5,3 kilometres and, after a few pull back and forth on the climbing rope years (which was and is always reliably provided by Mind the Gap), Cardinal Munk (OVH) cameth forth with declaring that "runners should take off from the Staatsoper building onwards". In reality that meant that those who wanted to run in half decency (JustIn Beaver, Kuty PI, Shake Rattle and Roll, yours truly, The Famous Pimpsqueak, Ice Queen and Slush Puppie) took off and enjoyed some running freedom that was unbeknownst from preceding years. When the self-declared runners crossed the finish line at least TFP and myself went back to help to "Nordic walkers"(Quote Richard Kopf (OVH) out by successfully pulling everyone onto the finish line and win a medal, yet again without paying the official LCC run fee of 25 Euros.

Circle was held outside Flanagans Irish Pub, garnished with Tasty Bloody Maries provided by the Cardinal and No Balls Prize. Festivities continued for hours inside the pub with a few late comers such as Victorias Secret, Rowed Runner and Deo. Lovely Guinness Beer and Fish and Chips rounded up the day, Moronic Pics to follow when they have been put up on the Photosite.

A very happy and healthy and Hashy New Year to all of you. May the beer be with you.

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