Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Eurohash Run day, report of run # 10

With the competent assistance by a bottle of cool Schremser Bier, I will follow up with the report of Eurohash run # 10, done by Wayne Fecksky. Here we go:

Eurohash 2017 – Run Number 10
Lobau Run

The Lobau Run is also known as the “last resort run” or the “I’d rather drink run”  or the “I slept in run” or the “I’m too hungover run”.  You guessed it, it’s the run for those that couldn’t get on the bus that they wanted or slept in or wanted a real easy short run.   The Wankers run!

However, No Mercy Mistress lived up to her name and, assisted by Lucky Me and Wayne Fuckski, set a trail to challenge and impose punishment on those accustomed to or wanting a half a kilometer run.

The event started with the Hares trying to round up the stragglers in order to count how many public transit tickets were needed.  That’s right, public transit was the deemed mode of transportation as punishment for these wankers.  But trying to round up this group was like trying to herd cats.   Fortunately, by the time all were rounded up for the count, an extra bus arrived, like magic.    Yeah!!!  Hail King Ralph!  Long live the King!  This last minute change was most appreciated by the Hares as well as the Wankers!

Now that we had a bus, we needed a bus manager.   The injured Lucky Me stepped in and took over as bus manager.  Lucky for us, Lucky Me had helped set the trail the day before and knew exactly where the bus needed to be for the beer stop and the circle.  But this meant that we needed a replacement on the trail for Lucky Me.   So MoM was recruited to help out.  MoM was to be the sweeper.

After making sure that there was enough beer and food on the magic bus,  we  happily boarded and headed to our starting point near  the U2 Stadlau station!    Minutes after leaving the  Eurohash venue, I received a phone call from the one and only Multiple Entry! “I’ve got someone who slept in and he wants to join your run.  Where are you?”.  “We’re on the bus on our way to the starting point”  I responded.  Luckily for the sleepy Jelly Belly, he was staying near a U2 station.  He was given instructions on where to go and told “good luck!”.

We were nearing our destination when a small problem arose. The road ahead had an underpass and it looked like the bus might be too high to pass under.  Our expert driver crept very slowly under the underpass.  Suddenly I heard a grinding noise!   The driver stopped.  We all listened.  It was a train passing overhead.  Phew!!!   The bus slowly cleared the underpass to the delight of all the Wankers.  Shortly thereafter we reached our destination.

Following brief instructions we started our journey down the trail. This group was quite happy to walk on this bright, hot, sunny day.    We can claim to have the youngest (2 kids) and oldest hashers in the group.  

The first third of the run, now turned into a walk, took us through pathways used by horse riders.  Watch your step!!!  Some of the “deposits”  gave a new meaning to “shitty trail”!   We walked through a few parks and a residential area and reached a beer stop after 1.8 KM.   As we turned the corner,  many were happy to see the bus under a large weeping willow providing some much needed shade.    The beer stop was at a picturesque pond with plenty of fish and a few ducks.  Hashers were given the option to stay with the bus and ride the bus to the end point or continue on towards the Neu Donau.

After the beer stop, about three quarters of the group headed out walking along a scenic area of Lobau and then into a very nice residential area with beautiful homes and gardens.  Finally we reached the Neu Donau and had a pleasant walk along the shore of the river. One Hasher took advantage of it and went for a swim!    We lost a few Hashers when we went past a Gasthaus.   A few went for beers others for ice cream.  But all eventually caught up.  Except for MoM the sweeper.   I  kept looking for him and wondered what had happened.  I received a call from Lucky Me, the bus manager, telling me not to look for MoM.  He was on the bus!

The last leg of the walk gave an option to cross over a bridge onto the Donauinsel and then back over onto another bridge to the mainland with an opportunity to watch the water-boarders demonstrating their skills on the Donau.  

We finally reached our end point.  That’s when I discovered that the bus could not make it to the circle.  This time the problem was with an overpass.  The bus was too heavy to cross the overpass.  Thankfully, a few volunteers helped carry the very heavy beer bags and food to the circle.

Luckily, we had a few experienced Religious Advisors with us who took over the circle.  Xyz from Perth did a wonderful job.  We were also highly entertained by one Hasher in particular (sorry, I don’t remember his name) who had a wonderful singing voice and led us on many songs. Many down-downs were had with MoM doing an expert job at manning the down-down station.   By this time, the skies were threatening and lightning could be seen in the distance. We boarded the magic bus once again and made our way back to the venue.  Five minutes into our ride, the skies opened up!   Once again we were entertained by the unknown virtuoso on our way back.

Oh yes….I almost forgot.   Jelly Belly did catch up to us.  Surprising, considering the pace of this Wankers run!

On On!!!

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