Sunday, 8 January 2017

We shall go on to the end

Eurohash minus 180 days. (I shall try to start all blog posts leading up to that event with a countdown.)
So this is the last evening of the Christmas Holidays (I hope yours was a real good one) and tomorrow it is back to le grind. On Epiphany 15 years ago and following an idea by my beloved wife we started a Non-Hash walk on January 6 each year. In the south of Vienna where we live we are fortunate enough to have plenty of forest paths, hills (the Anninger being the highest with a bit more than 670 metres high) and and an abundance of Heurigens to rest our weary bones after some hours of introspective walking.

20 stalwarts (including 6 kids) did not mind neither the clime of -6 degrees nor the wind, starting from Pfaffstätten we made our way uphill through the vineyards and steadily further uphill. I wanted to visit the Gumpoldskirchner Veiglhütte, unfortunately this establishment was still in hibernation.  The following way uphill to the Annninger Schutzhaus was a comfortable one and Lady Luck smiled on us when there was a whole room with more than enough seats waiting for us. Perfect service, good food and drinks and one decent walk back downhill through the Siebenbrunnengraben brought us  back into Pfaffstätten before Darkness was setting in. Spontaneous On After at the very old-fashioned Heurigen Schwarz.

Look up the chapter about this Hash Chapters active social life (Eurohash/News/Who are Vindobona H3?) Come along and be part of it.

Vindobona Hashers on a Non Hash Tour

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