Monday, 30 January 2017

Learn to do the strut

January Cold. Huge pots of steaming and tasty Chili. Schnaps (Kirschwasser) during the run. What seems to have become a tradition up at the Tirolerhof over the last years in early January had been carried out again. 200 vertical metres in the southern area of Vienna make all the difference and so sufficient snow was ensured on the run, in stark contrast to several mudbaths in previous years. The main aim was to get to the promised Schnapsstop and down the hill again without slding out, I was carrying an upcoming flu infection with me that grounded me for the better part of the following week. But kudos to the generous hosts for allowing a seemingly chaotic supper to happen every year. Have I mentioned the tasty Chili?

Those pots of Chili smelled a lot better

Nicer doggies(?) or trendier jumper?

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