Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Updated Stock Report

But HANG ON, this is and has been stark reality over the last few years. Meaning that the runs chez No Mercy Mistress' Place had that Special extra added in form of hard rain and definite thunderstorms during and after runs, fond memories do include a Barbeque in NMM's Garage after the run - with rain POURING DOWN outside and a swim session in the pool,.including a throw around game with the Rudi Carell Memorial Chicken during a wild thunderstorm with the great Harry Tosser (who he?) playing an integral part in this.

Please come back!

So in 2015 the heatwave still lingered on and there was absolutely nothing to complain about. News about the successful bid to bring Eurphash on 2017 to Vindobona had already spread. A difference to the last few runs was the NMM was assisted by son and CoHare Just Ruben who returned to the fold and helped to show the pack around to the evergrowing districts of semidetached houses in the flat land. Have I already mentioned the heat? For the first time in a while Lord Glod Balls, OVH and I took a walk and talked lotsa things related to Eurohash.


After 45 minutes or so it was on back to the garden, swimming pool and SAUNA. At first it was just Cardinal Munk, OH and myself in that spacious and allready HOT room, one by one NoBallsPrize, MOM, Joystick, Richard Kopf and Tickpleaser joined so the place felt really gay and merry. After breakng sweat in the sauna cameth the swim in the pool and at long last the circle, highlighting the muscular bodies of an assorted group.

The powerful ones

As always, there was a fine Barbeque afterwards. Thanks to NMM for having us, as every year.  

And yet another song dedicated to the HEAT!

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