Thursday, 23 July 2015

Slow Freight

With the current heatwave billowing through the City (all hail the Dog Days!) I decided not to elongate myself too much from the fine beer fridge in my garden shed. Accordingly I missed that A 2 B run last Monday which was billed as a Prelube to the Eurohash in Krakow. While I was peacefully working away on my second bottle of cool Stiegl Beer, Joystick and Kuty Pi set some sort of trail that led from the Wagramer Straße via Mexikoplatz all the way down to Messe Prater and eventually to the OnIn at the Englischer Reiter Beerplace.

Due to the Stubbornness of the adjacent Schweizerhaus ("sorry no reservations possible"), most renowned but also most expensive beerplace in town the OnIn was moved to the Englische Reiter and Joystick told me that the Service was perfect, beer was comparatively inexpensive and everyone was happy. Meanwhile, the scorching heat goes on.
Let's all get a drink, preferably a cold beer.

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