Thursday, 2 July 2015

Individual Choice

Just for the record (and whoever wants to check these out), here is another food link in/from Vienna:

Burritos for you and me in the 5th district
On an entirely different subject, last Mondays run featured a rare Haring by Richard Kopf and a Virgin Hare in the person of Just Maggie.
The Viennese part of the Nationalpark Donauauen comprises a part called am Mühlwasser (named after an old part of the Danuve when there actuall were mills around.
Greeted by an enthusiastic Richard Kopf we were promised another run of the year with walkers- and runners trails and a drink stop even.
What did we get was a wee bit different, in parts a rerun of Cumming to touch you and Sex-O-Phones final run fron last November. The BN (Beer Near sign) was gruesome in its place right in front of a little dump called Reiterhof dunno Restaurant CLOSED ON MONDAYS. All the frontrunners - quite a few of them, including Powerkraut who briefly visited from Beirut - turned round and waited in front of that drinking place when the Hares finally arrived and Richard Kopf joyfully declaimed "The purpose of the BN sign was just to keep the pack together. This worked better than I would have imagined" which of course increased his unpopularity.

Schweizerhaus Menu on Holy Thursday in 2014

He tried to make up for that fauxpas with a real drinkstop further down the road by presenting a pack of Kleiner Klopfer, garnished with homemade cake from Just Maggie. And then came the choice between Runners. and walkers trail. I should have known better...  A bit into the runners trail one could see that the distance between run marks widened considerably and at one of the next checks the running pack split into several small groups all running off in different directions as there were NO MARKS at all.  I ended up staggering back on unmarked yet beautful trail together with Horsedick, after the umpteenth curve with no marks in sight there was a friendly biker carrying a Map of the area and he pointed us into the right direction on home. Naturally the walking pack were enjoying cool beers already and one could spot runners still coming in from several directions. Usual circle routine followed that featured Rowed Runner - a late arrival - in a nice looking Summerdress. 

An impression from a perfect weekend aomewhere in Upper Austria

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