Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Pizzas and Bongos

Sex Energy and I have been setting runs starting from the Figurteich which is located between Wiener Neudorf and Guntramsdorf for nearly 15 years now. Over the last four years there was always a reason why we could not use the Teich for what it is there, namely to swim as it was either much too cold or heavily raining or both.

In 2015 eventually there was a change to the good side, heavily aided by fantastic outside temperature (35 degrees), the recent opening of a microbrewery in Wiener Neudorf and a reliable nearby Pizzeria. For a long long time I had the idea and intention to order a stackof Pizzas for an OnIn, this time I saw the idea through and Ice Queen generously stepped in as everybody's sponsor, happy to do so on the occasion of her 800th run. Thank you very much!

I just LOVE Salami Pizza!

The pack of 25 featured appeareanaces from soon-to-be Mrs. GrandMeister Feel My Meat soon-to-be husband GrandMeister who wore a funky Hawaii Shirt (and I would be VERY MUCH in favour of Hawaii Shirts as Haberdashery items!), Visitors Flip Her and Judge Prudey from Texas, Fallen Angel with her friend Just Lena on bikes, supported by Sex Energy who also did the trail on her bike. It must have the heat that slowed the overall speed down to snail tempo and I started to seriously doubt the timeframe I had given to our new best friend at the beerstop could be met. After a welcomed waterstop near one of the playgrounds in the vicinity it was time for a most welcomed beerstop and it can be strongly assumed that we shall return to this place more sooner than later.

Would you like a snack?

Back at the carpark there was a short timeframe to carry the drinks over to the pond, get a swim and the pizza deliverer arrived with Pizzaboxes in plenty. Everybody happily stuffed their faces and bellies immediately afterwards so the circle could only start with delay. At long last the mosquitos put an end to the happy party. We will be back.

Un bicchiere di Vino Rosso, ancora!

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