Friday, 24 December 2010

Mad Man Moon

So it was December the 17th (one week ago actually) and with time on our hands and the little one staying over at Grandmas for the night we decided to visit a High Quality Full Moon Hash (by its own definition) once again.

There was some decent snowfall going onin Vienna on that day and hooray even Lord Glo Balls' Google Map directions worked out fine. Upon getting to the quote vast Allerheiligenplatz it was a bit of a challenge to find the kids playground but even 25 minutes late the other 7 Hashers were duly waiting for us.

Anyhow, the falling snow somehow covered everything, the good, the bad and the trailmarks, some sort of reddish polenta(?) were absolutely invislble, yet the comfortable side of all this was that tha pack of 9 stayed together at all times. And, after quite a while of walking through the snow and alongside the Augarten, the Glühweinstop in the Bunkerei with some hot Salsa music and Glühwein senza Sugar must have been the highpoint of this evening.

The long way back made another GrandMeister of another significant Hash say: "Tbis is way too long, let's just have one Down Down for the Hares and another one for the rest of us!"

Shoe be Doo

Right next to the Root C.Anal palace the short circle was held, Lebkuchen and more homemade Glühwein made up for the length of the run, and the OnIn at the nearby Pizzeria was nearly tasteful and yummy.



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  2. fine, fine! an old Van Morrison Song, great! And this Voice is stunning...

    Froehliche Weihnachten!