Friday, 31 December 2010

There is no end. There is no beginning.

Just the inifinite passion of life. Apparently this is a quote from the great Federico Fellini, whilst I was thinking of ELP lyrics of a similar content.

Well, it is December the 31st again, another Hashing year has passed and I am taking a deep breath trying to reminisce about this outgoing year. A toast goes to absent friends, especially The Wolf, Hashing legend in his own respect who passed away earlier this year during a Hashrun. And another toast to all those left standing to carry on.

A hard habit to break ia the Red Dress Run, which here in Vienna always goes along with the LCC Silvesterlauf once around the Ringstrasse which is about 5,4 km. In the absence of Free Willie who in previous years always paid admission and always in vain tried to win the Hash Mobile (first prize for the winner), it was Mind the Gaps turn once again to bring along that Cimbing Rope to which the small crowd of 15+ duly held onto, yet again. The number of runners at the LCC Silvesterlauf is usually more than 3000.

I had the dubious honour to be ze front runner, given the state that this geriatic bunch is more and more slipping into, we presumably will have to be carried around the Ringstrasse in a few years time. Many many people took pics and videos from our jolly and often singing running group and it was a certain pleasure when the main announcer of that run at the finish line was asking me "Who are you guys?". My answer:" Well, the Vindobina Hash House Harriers" Q:"And what are you all about?" A:!A drinking club with a running problem". Then, 5 seconds silence and then a giggle. And that was our Red Dress run,, look for the pics at the usual Hash Flash Page and a couple examples here.

The end is beer

The circle was a relaxed affair inside the Ringstrassengallerien, and after the last Down Down in 2010 was handed out, everyone went over to Flanagans (including very late ones King Ralph, Ze GrandMeister Stormin'Norman and Ice Queen) to drink the remainder of 2010 away.


OnOut to 2011!

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