Friday, 24 December 2010

There is peace amongst the hills

And right now Ladies and Gentlemen, after the Christmas tree has been decorated and the little one is to be taken home in an hours time I feel it is the right moment to put in a short summary of the best Christmas run in 2010 out there in Guntramsdorf.

Fond memories of the run in 2002 with its heavy fog and heaps of snow are still lingering on, with Dr. Shitfaced, an American Hasher from Taiwan being our guest back then. At the OnIn at the nearby Thallern Restaurant three of us soaked that poor fellah so badly in beer that up to this day we don't know if he ever caught his flight back to Taiwan the next day Especially after Munk kicked him out at the Schönbrunn U Bahn stop late at night.

On our present occaasion the sun out in full splendour at -10 degrees Celsius and we the Hares Tickpleaser Sex Energy and yours truly couldn't help but set a short and mild run that just lasted for a bit more than the hour and mainly led uphill through all that snow to a viewpoint where we prepared a Schnapsstop and after that downhill again on the other side of the Eichkogel. Lots of familiar faces such as the Famous Pimpsqueak and his Scarlett Pimpernell, No Mercy Mistress, Deodorant and others came along. Hash Flash extraordinaire My Pint of View even tried out his Cross Country Skis before the run but unfortunately did not put them on during the run.

To see is to believe

Two cans of coke burst in my gardenshed when I stored all the liquids for the run there two days before the run and there were little icicles floating in the down down cups.  A lovely scenery altogether. After a short circle it was on off to the restaurant where good food and drinks were had by all.

Well, time flies and I am herewith wishing everyone out there a very Merry Christmas. Stay safe and healthy. See you around at one of our runs or in the Schweizerhaus even?


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