Thursday, 23 December 2010

Santa Delighting Lucia

At a time when I should have stayed at home and watched TV / or just consumed some Zirbenschnaps it was tinme for No Balls Prize and Harry (the) Tosser set the second of their Swedish inspired Santa Lucia runs starting from the centre of town, not far from the Kursalon Hübner.
Everyone (including former Local Hero Ground Control) dressed up as was decorated as a Lucian Disciple and it was most pleasant to see that the charming Royal Butt Diver herself had been chosen as Lucia herself.

Vindobona Lucia in 2010

To make it short, there was not much of a run since a) have we become a bunch of bleeping Geriatrics (nothing wrong with that!) and b) was the weather, well, a little bad with some scattered rainshowers.
A highpoint was the crossing of the Karlsplatz Christmas Market where we briefly lost Ice Queen, Slush Puppie and Richard Kopf. 

The main point of the run was the Schwedenbomben feast right next to the Musikverein and I honestly canÄt remember who succeeded that Noble task of eating the Schwedenbombe without using their hands. Maybe time will tell.

Eat it up!

Well, since the starting point of the run was quite near then and it still continued to rain there were a few good souls including Marathon Man, Munk and myself who couldn't care less but get back to point A if only to find the gate to warmth, beer and dry clothes locked.
So what can one poor boy do but take yet another Glühwein? It took another long while until all the runners (Tickpleaser, Ground Control and consorts)  made it back and then even longer for the main Hare No Balls Prize to open up the beery gates. Since time was not on my side this time, I had to leave the circle early. But thanks anyway.

On Out.

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